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Description: Buy asian foods one online: We offer a wide selection of Asian and African products in our African shop.
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Even in the culinary field, the achievements of globalization for many years can be seen. Thanks to the continuously diminishing barriers between countries and continents, people nowadays are no longer restricted to their national cuisine, but enjoy food from all over the world. Our Asians and Afro-Store makes it easy: You can African and Asian food order online and have them sent to their home delivery.

A variety of African products in the African-Shop

Our range in this area alone includes more than 1,000 different products: If MAS IMPEX you find African foods in unprecedented selection. You can choose from the following categories:


Your Indian supermarket in Hamburg

Indian specialties are represented here. As Indian supermarket in Hamburg with online shopping facilities we provide you with the finest food from the Orient. Well known is the Indian cuisine especially for their spices. With us, however you get many other meals in the form of ready-to-eat or heat-and-eat convenience foods: Find our Ready-to-eat products.

Exotic vegetables, spices and tea

Even exotic vegetables is represented in our shop by MAS IMPEX. Our range of Asian vegetables and fruit include, for example, eggplant, green chillies, Dudhi and sweet potatoes. You will also get here various African spices, including some coriander, Darchini (cinnamon) and Haldi (yellow ginger). And also our stock of different teas will enchant you, whether Asian or African tea - here you can order from the 250-gram box to the 1.5-kilogram pack the amount exactly to your needs.

Ayurvedic Products - soothing beauty

Ayurveda is a healing art that has been practiced for over 5,000 years, according to estimates. The main aim of you, to bring the body of man with his mind and his emotions in line. Ayurvedic products improve your well-being and lead to a healthier lifestyle. Therefore we offer in our store body lotions, Teebaumöle, incense and many other ayurvedic spa products.

If you are looking for exotic foods, then the Asians and Afro-Shop MAS IMPEX is the right opportunity for you to purchase. Visit our shop in Hamburg or use our online shop where you can buy African and Asian food online. The exotic cuisine offers many delicious discoveries ready - time for you to try!


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Exotic Vegetables, asian Vegetables

African Spices

African Tea, Asian Tea

Ayurvedic products

 African foods of all kinds at MAS IMPEX

 If you like to experiment culinary, you will find a variety of African foods: smoked fish, pumpkin seeds and more!

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Indian supermarket Hamburg

Indian supermarket in Hamburg: MAS IMPEX

As Indian supermarket in Hamburg we have numerous oriental specialties in store for you. Of course you can also order online.

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Exotic Vegetables

Exotic vegetables online at MAS IMPEX

When it comes to exotic vegetables and fruit, MAS IMPEX is the right choice. We carry a variety of vegetables and fruits from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and.

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African Spices

African Spices order online: MAS IMPEX

Spices as a cornerstone of the culinary arts differ greatly from country to country. Where to find original African spices numerous varieties.

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African tea

African and Asian Tea at MAS IMPEX

Our African white tea connoisseurs convincing - available in different quantities. Even Asian tea can be found in our range.

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Ayurvedic products

Ayurvedic products for body care in MAS IMPEX

Ayurvedic products contribute to your physical and mental health with: body lotions, oils, shampoos and other products in our online shop

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